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Introduction to Clinical Ophthalmology


Junior medical students.

Course Description

This two-week introduction to clinical ophthalmology is intended to provide students with a broad overview of the specialty. You will learn basic knowledge and skills development in the areas of history taking, physical examination, clinical reasoning, and procedures. It also includes foundational pathophysiology and pharmacology for core diagnoses and presentations of the specialty. 

Students will work with two or more full-time faculty members at the Moran Eye Center and its satellite clinic locations.

For course availability, please contact:

Chandler Thompson, Executive Assistant
Phone: 801-581-3023

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Evaluations will be coordinated by the ophthalmology’s academic office
  2. Evaluations will be completed by the resident or faculty on rotation with the medical student
  3. Evaluations are signed by Jeff Pettey, MD, program director
  4. Originals are sent to Student Affairs; copies are kept on file in the ophthalmology’s academic office

Minimum of two weeks, maximum of one student