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Research Faculty Laboratories

Research Faculty Labs

Angelucci Lab

The Angelucci Laboratory research focuses on identifying neuronal circuits that underlie functional properties of neurons in the visual cerebral cortex and, ultimately, visual perception.

Alessandra Angelucci, MD, PhD

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Asare Lab

Afua Oteng Asare's research focuses on pediatric vision health; health services and systems research; health equity and disparities; cost effectiveness analysis; and implementation science.

Afua Oteng Asare, OD, PhD

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Bernstein Lab

The Bernstein Laboratory explores the biochemistry and biophysics of nutritional interventions against inherited and acquired ocular disorders.

Paul S. Bernstein, MD, PhD

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Davis Lab

The Davis Laboratory is primarily interested in cortical mechanisms of visual perception and how these mechanisms are altered by damage or disease in the visual system.

Zachary W. Davis, PhD


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Fleckenstein Lab

Monika Fleckenstein's primary research interest centers around degenerative retinal diseases, with a focus on age-related macular degeneration.

Monika Fleckenstein, MD

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Hwang Lab

The Hwang Laboratory studies how the biochemistry and extracellular matrix structure of the vitreous changes throughout life from childhood through old age.

Eileen Hwang, MD, PhD

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Jones Lab

The Jones Laboratory studies retinal circuitry/connectomics and metabolomics in neural plasticity in retinal disease.

Bryan W. Jones, PhD

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Krizaj Lab

The Krizaj Laboratory is interested in "what makes cells alive". The main research model, the retinal photoreceptor, is a complex and highly specialized sensory neuron whose function is to transform light into electrical impulses.

David Krizaj, PhD

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McDonnell Lab

Fiona McDonnell's primary research area is the study of glaucoma, with a special focus in conventional outflow physiology.

Fiona McDonnell, PhD

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Noudoost Lab

The ultimate goal of the Noudoost Laboratory research is an understanding of the neural basis of selective attention and working memory.

Behrad Noudoost, PhD

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Roy Lab

The Roy Laboratory focuses on understanding the functions of retinal cell types in the context of natural vision and visual disorders. 

Suva Roy, PhD

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Tian Lab

Neuronal signals are processed in vertebrate CNS through parallel synaptic pathways. These synaptic pathways are formed with distinct cellular and molecular components and, in some cases, regulated by different mechanisms during development.

Ning Tian, MD, PhD

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Vinberg Lab

The Vinberg Laboratory works to understand mechanisms in the retina that enable vision over a wide range of light intensities and colors, and how these mechanisms are affected in major blinding diseases including age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Frans Vinberg, PhD

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Yang Lab

The research in Jun Yang’s laboratory is focused on the disease mechanisms and therapeutic treatments for retinal degenerative diseases using mouse models.

Jun Yang, PhD

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Research Centers

Key research initiatives at the Moran Eye Center include the Intermountain Ocular Research Center, Sharon Eccles Steele Center for Translational Medicine (SCTM), Utah Retinal Reading Center (UREAD), and the Alan S. Crandall Center for Glaucoma Innovation.

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Research Publications

Driving Discovery: The John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah

Driving Discovery: The John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah

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